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Historical Eras

  • To 1630 - Early America
    Most authorities believe that the Western hemisphere was populated at the end of the last ice age when a lowered ocean level exposed a land bridge that Asian peoples traversed to North America.... Continue Reading
  • 1630 - 1763 - The Colonial Period
    The Colonial Period in U.S. history was a time of settlement, discovery, and hardship.... Continue Reading
  • 1763 - 1783 - Revolutionary America
    America won it's independence from Great Britain in 1776 following the War of Independence, a key part of the political movement and war effort of the American Revolution.... Continue Reading




The Young Republic
Articles of Confederation. Constitutional Convention. Washington. Hamilton and Federalists. Shays` Rebellion. Jefferson and Republicans. Eli Whitney. Samuel Slater. Whiskey Rebellion. Battle of Fallen Timbers. Alien and Sedition Acts. Revolution of 1800. Louisiana Purchase. Lewis and Clark. Battle of Tippecanoe. War of 1812. Treaty of Ghent. Battle of New Orleans.


Expansion, Political Reform, and Turmoil
Era of Good Feelings. First Industrial Revolution. Henry Clay`s Missouri Compromise. Monroe Doctrine. Jackson and the Revolution of 1828. Nat Turner Rebellion. Panic of 1837. Emerson. Longfellow. Whitman. Manifest Destiny. The Alamo. Frederick Douglass. California Gold Rush. Compromise of 1850. Dred Scott. Lincoln-Douglas Debates.


Sectional Controversy, War, and Reconstruction
Slavery. Underground Railroad. Bleeding Kansas. Lincoln. Civil War. Gettysburg. 13th Amendment. Radical Republicans. Reconstruction. Disputed Election of 1876. Little Big Horn.


Second Industrial Revolution
Railroad Era. Thomas Edison. Nikola Tesla. Henry Ford. George Westinghouse. Immigration. Labor Movement. Sherman Antitrust Act. Closing the Frontier. Wounded Knee Massacre. Spanish-American War.


Political Reform II
Populist Party. Free Silver. Jim Crow Laws. Harry Houdini. Progressive Party aka the Bull Moose Party. Mark Twain. Theodore Roosevelt. Taft. Wilson. Women's Suffrage.


War, Prosperity, and Depression
"Big Stick" Diplomacy. Panama Canal. World War I. Influenza. Versailles. The Negro Leagues. League of Nations. Black Sox Scandal. Harding Scandals. Charles Lindbergh. Stock Market Crash. Babe Ruth. "Satchmo" Armstrong. Amelia Earhart. The Great Depression.


The New Deal and World War II
Franklin D. Roosevelt. First One Hundred Days. Albert Einstein. Manhattan Project. J. Edgar Hoover. War in Europe. Adolph Hitler. The Holocaust. Jesse Owens. Pearl Harbor. World War II. War in the Pacific. Rosie the Riveter. Japanese internment. Truman and the Bomb.


Postwar America
Marshall Plan. Berlin Airlift. Korean War. McCarthy. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Hollywood Blacklist. Cold War. Eisenhower. Brown v. Board of Education. Rosa Parks. Elvis. Buddy Holly. Space Race.


The Vietnam Era
Kennedy. Bay of Pigs. JFK Assassination. Lyndon B. Johnson and Civil Rights. Martin Luther King Jr.. Muhammad Ali. Hank Aaron. Nixon, Kissinger, and Vietnam. Roe v. Wade. Watergate. Oil Embargo. Carter. Iran Hostage Crisis.


End of the Century
Reagan and Conservatism. Marines in Lebanon. Iran-Contra Scandal. Fall of Berlin Wall. AIDS epidemic. George H.W.Bush. Persian Gulf War. Clinton and Impeachment. Election Turmoil in 2000.


The New Millenium
September 11, 2001. Terrorism. Afghanistan and Iraqi wars. Election of 2004. Bush. Mortgage Crisis and Recession. Obama. Smartphones and Media Proliferation.


Pandemic and Cultural Change
Election of 2016 and Trump. COVID-19. Black Lives Matter Protests. Biden. Kamala Harris: First Woman Vice President. Commercial Space Flight.