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History of St. Joseph, Missouri

St Joseph is located in Buchanan County, 30 miles north of Kansas City along Interstate 229. It lies on the banks of the Missouri River near the Kansas state line. In 1826, the Blacksnake Hills trading post was established with the Indians by Joseph Robidoux. Because of its desirable location, Robidoux's post became the City of St. Joseph in 1843. In 1860, the Pony Express got its start here; Jesse James met his fate in St. Joseph in 1882. The city experiences four distinct seasons. The coldest month is January at 24.9 degrees, the warmest is July at 78.5 degrees. St. Joseph's economic base is diversified, with the ten largest employers comprising nine different industries. The Frontier Casino Riverboat's recent opening contributes to the city's economy. Other St. Joseph attractions include historic architecture, a continuous 26-mile parkway system with picturesque landscapes, wooded areas and family-oriented parks, and 12 city festivals. Historic, educational, and cultural points of interest include: