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St. Joseph Museum

St. Joseph Museum, located on 1100 Charles Street in St. Joseph, Missouri, showcases collections relating to the natural history of the area and the history of the city. The museum is housed in the Gothic-style Wyeth-Tootle Mansion. The museum’s infrastructure began in 1927, with the Children's Museum of St Joseph - a venture of the Natural Science Club of St. Joseph Junior College – forming in the same year, the project being sponsored by Ms. Orrel Andrews. Subsequently, a board of directors was formed to over see the operations of the museum, with industrialist William L Goetz as its first president, a position he served until his death, in 1953. In 1939, the Children's Museum was rechristened as St Joseph Museum. The present building was bought by donations from Goetz and others. He also purchased the Harry L. George Native American collection and donated it to the museum in memory of his parents. Further, additional funds were raised in the community in order to renovate the mansion for housing the museum’s collection. After all makeovers, the museum opened its doors to the public in 1947. Since then, the museum has played an important role in educating the visitors and public alike on the historical aspects of the county and its heritage. As a mark to its contributions, the St Joseph Museum had been bestowed accreditation by the American Association of Museums.