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Jesse James Home

Jesse James Home, located directly behind Patee House, is a prime attraction in the historic city of St. Joseph, Missouri. The mansion was the residence of Jesse James, one of the most notorious outlaws of the 19th Century. Jesse James, also known as Jesse Woodson James, was born on September 5, 1847 to Reverand Robert James and Zeralda Cole. At an early age, James accompanied his brother Frank to fight for the rebel cause and joined a band of guerilla fighters established by William Quantrill. He learned a lot about guerrilla activities during the Civil War, and after the war he formed a gang of outlaws. On April 3,1882, Jesse James was gunned down by a fellow gang member, Robert Ford, at his house in St. Joseph. That Missouri home has been transformed into a museum that depicts the life and death of Jesse James. The museum also displays artifacts from the grave, including coffin handles, a small tie pin, a bullet removed from his right lung area, and a casting of his skull showing the bullet hole behind his right ear. Established in 1997, the house is owned and operated by the Pony Express Historical Association.