Postmasters General

The Postmaster General is the executive head of the United States Postal Service.

The Office of the Postmaster General was created in 1789. It was not until the administration of Andrew Jackson that the Postmaster General was invited to sit on the president's cabinet. From 1872 to 1971, he was the head of the Post Office Department, an agency of the U.S. government in charge of postal service.

After July 1971, the Postmaster General has been appointed by, and serves under, the Governor of the United States Postal Service, a quasi-governmental agency that replaced the U.S. Post Office the same year.

Dates of Service
Postmaster General Administration
Articles of Confederation
1775 - 1776
Benjamin Franklin Continental Congress
1776 - 1782
Richard Bache Continental Congress
1782 - 1789
Ebenezer Hazard Continental Congress
U.S. Constitution (narrative) (Office of the Postmaster General)
September 26, 1789
Samuel Osgood George Washington
August 12, 1791
Timothy Pickering George Washington
February 25, 1795
Joseph Habersham George Washington
November 28, 1801
Gideon Granger Thomas Jefferson
March 17, 1814
Return J. Meigs, Jr. James Madison
June 26, 1823
John McLean James Monroe
Constitution (text) (Cabinet Position)
March 9, 1829
William T. Barry Andrew Jackson
May 1, 1835
Amos Kendall Andrew Jackson
May 19, 1840
John M. Niles Martin Van Buren
March 6, 1841
Francis Granger William Henry Harrison
September 13, 1841
Charles A. Wickliffe John Tyler
March 6, 1845
Cave Johnson James K. Polk
March 8, 1849
Jacob Collamer Zachary Taylor
July 23, 1850
Nathan K. Hall Millard Filmore
August 31, 1852
Samuel D. Hubbard Millard Filmore
March 7, 1853
James Campbell Franklin Pierce
March 6, 1857
Aaron V. Brown James Buchanan
March 14, 1859
Joseph Holt James Buchanan
February 12, 1861
Horatio King James Buchanan
March 5, 1861
Montgomery Blair Abraham Lincoln
September 24, 1864
William Dennison Abraham Lincoln
July 25, 1866
Alexander W. Randall Andrew Johnson
March 5, 1869
John A. J. Creswell Ulysses S. Grant
July 3, 1874
James W. Marshall Ulysses S. Grant
August 24, 1874
Marshall Jewell Ulysses S. Grant
July 12, 1876
James N. Tyner Ulysses S. Grant
March 12, 1877
David M. Key Rutherford B. Hayes
June 2, 1880
Horace Maynard Rutherford B. Hayes
March 5, 1881
Thomas L. James James A. Garfield
December 20, 1881
Timothy O. Howe Chester A. Arthur
April 3, 1883
Walter Q. Gresham Chester A. Arthur
October 14, 1884
Frank Hatton Chester A. Arthur
March 6, 1885
William F. Vilas Grover Cleveland
January 6, 1888
Don M. Dickinson Grover Cleveland
March 5, 1889
John Wanamaker Benjamin Harrison
March 6, 1893
Wilson S. Bissell Grover Cleveland
March 1, 1895
William L. Wilson Grover Cleveland
March 5, 1897
James A. Gary William McKinley
April 21, 1898
Charles Emory Smith William McKinley
January 9, 1902
Henry C. Payne Theodore Roosevelt
October 10, 1904
Robert J. Wynne Theodore Roosevelt
March 6, 1905
George B. Cortelyou Theodore Roosevelt
January 15, 1907
George von L. Meyer Theodore Roosevelt
March 5, 1909
Frank H. Hitchcock William H. Taft
March 5, 1913
Albert S. Burleson Woodrow Wilson
March 5, 1921
Will H. Hays Warren G. Harding
March 4, 1922
Hubert Work Warren G. Harding
February 27, 1923
Harry S. New Warren G. Harding
March 5, 1929
Walter F. Brown Herbert Hoover
March 4, 1933
James A. Farley Franklin D. Roosevelt
September 10, 1940
Frank C. Walker Franklin D. Roosevelt
May 8, 1945
Robert E. Hannegan Harry S. Truman
December 16, 1947
Jesse M. Donaldson Harry S. Truman
January 21, 1953
Arthur E. Summerfield Dwight D. Eisenhower
January 21, 1961
J. Edward Day John F. Kennedy
September 30, 1963
John A. Gronouski John F. Kennedy
November 3, 1965
Lawrence F. O'Brien Lyndon B. Johnson
April 26, 1968
W. Marvin Watson Lyndon B. Johnson
January 22, 1969
Winton M. Blount Richard M. Nixon
United States Postal Service privatized
(Non-Cabinet Postion)
1972 - 1975
E. T. Klassen United States Postal Service
1975 - 1978
Benjamin F. Bailar United States Postal Service
1978 - 1985
William F. Bolger United States Postal Service
1985 - 1986
Paul N. Carlin United States Postal Service
Albert V. Casey United States Postal Service
1986 - 1988
Preston R. Tisch United States Postal Service
1988 - 1992
Anthony M. Frank United States Postal Service
1992 - 1998
Marvin T. Runyon United States Postal Service
1998 - 2001
William J. Henderson United States Postal Service
2001 -
John E. Potter United States Postal Service

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