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Miami University of Ohio

Miami University, headquartered at Oxford, Ohio, is a residential university primarily offering undergraduate courses. It also offers graduate courses in selective disciplines. The state sponsored university is recognized as one of the most outstanding public institutions in Ohio and the United States. Miami University was established in 1809 and was named after the native Miami Indian tribe. The Oxford campus is the main campus, while smaller campuses are located in Hamilton and Middletown. The university offers the bachelor's degree in more than 100 disciplines, and master’s degree in more than 50 fields. Major subjects include English, fine arts, humanities, social science, cultures, natural science, mathematics, formal reasoning, and technology. Additionally, several doctoral and associate’s degrees are also offered by the university. Apart from offering excellent study programs, the university takes pride in fostering the research instincts and creative pursuits of its students via faculty-supported projects. The students are also given opportunity to participate in international research programs. Miami University has constantly maintained its excellence in academic performance. The university and its programs have won top rankings from many noted agencies. Moreover, the retention and graduation rates of this university is among the highest in NCAA Division I schools. The Education Trust has identified Miami University as a model university, owing to its student advising system, the excellent faculty, and the extensive range of academic resources made available to the students.