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Located in the Butchertown National Historic District, the Thomas Edison House provides a deep insight into the life of the world-famous inventor, Thomas Alva Edison. Edison occupied the home during the years he lived and worked in Louisville, Kentucky. The house is now owned and operated by the Historic Homes Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to purchasing, preserving, and displaying historic sites.

Born on February 11, 1847, Thomas Edison played a major role in altering the way people live today. The contributions he made to the scientific world are noteworthy, and his important inventions, among many others, are the incandescent electric light, phonograph, and motion picture. Edison came to Louisville in 1866, and rented a room in this house on East Washington Street till 1867.

The 1904:Kentucky} building, built around 1850, was opened as an informal public museum in 1980. Ten years later, the Historic Homes Foundation, Inc. purchased the property and restored it as a museum, with the main aim to educate the public about Thomas Edisonís achievements in science and technology.

Presently, this small, simple cottage remains one of the few shot-gun duplexes in the area. Its prime attraction is the front room, featuring a timeline or timeline illustrating the Edisonís life, some of his prominent inventions, and major national and international events that occurred during his life.

A kinetoscope, cylinder and disc phonographs, and numerous versions of the light bulb are some of the interesting artifacts on display. The house is also noted for Edisonís bedroom, which is replicated to its portable 1860s appearance.

The museum hosts a variety of programs and special events throughout the year. Each year, a celebration is held to commemorate Thomas Edisonís birthday, during which a piece of the special light bulb cake is served. The signature program of the house is the Invention Convention, focusing on the process of inventing a new device or a new way to perform a task.

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By Henry Ford
He felt there was a central processing core of life that went on and on. That was his conclusion. We talked of it many times together . . . Call it religion or what you like, Mr. Edison believed that the universe was alive and that it was responsive to man's deep necessity. It was an intelligent and hopeful religion if there ever was one. Mr. Edison went away expecting light, not darkness.

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