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Ashland University

Ashland University is a mid-sized regional teaching university, historically related to the Brethren Church. It is located midway between Cleveland and Columbus in northeast Ohio. This private, comprehensive university provides high quality undergraduate and graduate, traditional and non-traditional, full- and part-time educational programs. Founded as a liberal arts college in 1878, the university originally had classes in its two buildings — Founders Hall and Allen Hall — on a 28-acre campus. The college was chartered to university in 1888. Ashland Theological Seminary started its classes in 1906 offering only a bachelor degree in Divinity. The seminary has now grown to a leading theological training institute with extensions in Cleveland, Columbus, and Detroit. A dirt-floor gymnasium was added in 1901. The university received regional accreditation from North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in 1930. Today, it is one of the finest universities in the state and features 44 modern buildings on 120-acre campus providing more than 60 majors. In addition to academics, the university offers a number of courses through internet and study abroad programs. Further, Ashland programs are available at thirteen centers throughout the state.