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Indiana State University Memorial Stadium

Indiana State University Memorial Stadium is located in Terre Haute, Indiana. Constructed in 1925 at a cost of $400,000, the stadium can accommodate 16,000 people. The foundation for the stadium began after World War I, when city planners conceived of a stadium as a memorial to veterans. From the designs laid down by the local architects Shourds and Stoner, the memorial was revamped into a huge facility with an oval 600 feet long and 375 feet wide. The center field's original wall stood 546 feet away from home plate. A nine-hole golf course was added to the stadium grounds, in 1932. It was built by the federal government during the Great Depression. The memorial stadium was leased for 99 years to Indiana State University for the purpose of building a football stadium, in November 1966. In 1967, the stadium became the nation's first intercollegiate field with AstroTurf. Though the stadium's original and most frequent guest was baseball, it also hosted football, political rallies, and even midget car racing. It has been the site for a variety of sports and gatherings, many in the years before the stadium was even a glimmer in the community's eye. The demolition of old stadium began in November 1969, leaving only part of the outfield wall and the memorial arch. Even though the golf course was closed in 2002, the stadium continues to be used. Its grounds recently have become an extension of the National Road Heritage Trail, and the city's newest park facility.