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Ball-Sellers House

Located in Arlington, Virginia, is a well-preserved 18th-century home called the Ball-Sellers House. The historic building is owned by the Arlington Historical Society and is listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places.

The Ball-Sellers House was built around 1742 by a farmer named John Ball. Originally the house consisted of a one-room log cabin and a loft.

Later on, a lean-to covered with clapboards was added to the structure. This lean-to still exists today.

Following John Ball’s death in 1766, the house was purchased by William Carlin- a tailor of great repute. Three generations of Carlin’s family lived in the house for about 100 years. During this occupation a farmhouse was built in the adjacent lot, in 1880.

The farmhouse along with newer additions like a giant wisteria vine form part of the exhibits in the historic site. However, the section built during the 1750s, is considered most important, both architecturally and historically.

The Carlins sold the house and its adjoining property in 1887. The building then served as a school, later as a summer cottage, and then as a home.

Marian Rhinehart Sellers, the last occupant of the house, sold the building to the Arlington Historical Society, in 1975.

Today, the Ball-Sellers House is believed to be the oldest residence in Arlington. It is one of the few remaining homes that originally belonged to the working class of the 18th century.

Many of the materials such as logs, clapboard roof ,and pegged floorboards that were used during the first construction, still remains intact.

Currently, a caretaker of the Arlington Historical Society is placed here to take care of the building.