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Hobby City Doll & Toy Museum

Hobby City Doll & Toy Museum is situated in Anaheim, California. The museum is housed in a half-scale replica of the White House as it appeared in 1917. The museum exhibits more than 6,000 distinct, antique, and collectible dolls and toys. Hobby City Doll & Toy Museum exhibits dolls in a chronological order - ranging from 5000-year-old-dolls from ancient Egypt, to modern troll dolls. Each group of dolls from a particular time and place is exhibited in a separate glass case with the appropriate background and accessories. The dolls are collected from all over the world – of which the most interesting is from ancient China. The California museum also showcases different varieties of Barbie dolls, photos, model railroads, coins, stamps, baseball cards, and other memorabilia. Dolls of TV, movie, sports, and rock stars, as well as American presidents, are also on display. Some of the best Shirley Temple dolls can also be seen here.