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Old Town Hall is a magnificent Federal-style structure located on the 500 block of Market Street in Wilmington, Delaware, a seaport in northern Delaware.

Built in 1798, it functioned as the center of political and social activities during Wilmington's infancy. The hall was the headquarters and gathering place of civic organizations.

The death of George Washington was observed here in 1799, and the Marquis de Lafayette and President Andrew Jackson attended a reception and dinner here around 1824. In 1851, Henry Clay^'s body was laid in state in the hall.

The historic landmark housed the city's meeting chambers, offices, and the subscription library. It was also the site of anti-slavery meetings and ironically, served as the city jail where the fugitive slaves were held.

Restored to its classical beauty, Old Town Hall has spaces for exhibitions, programs, and special events throughout the year.

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