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College of Technology at Anderson (Indiana)

The College of Technology at Anderson is a part of Purdue University’s College of Technology at West Lafayette. Located on the campus of Anderson University, the college corresponds with the West Lafayette campus both in academics and administration. The college provides career educational opportunities to students with technological skills in the Anderson/Muncie area. The Associate of Science degree is offered for Computer Technology (CPT), Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology (ECET), Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET), Organizational Leadership and Supervision (OLS), Computer Graphics Technology (CGT), and Industrial Technology (IT). The Bachelor of Science degree is awarded for OLS and IT. CPT specializes in database analysis and design, data and database management, database programming, and database administration. ECET students can take the option of Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) or the Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology for a bachelor’s degree. MET is an applied engineering program which covers wide aspects of the mechanical sciences. OLS enables graduates to take leadership roles in business, industry, and service agencies. Any one of the four options such as construction graphics communication, interactive multimedia development, manufacturing graphics communication, or technical animation and spatial graphics, can be selected in CGT. IT provides a world-class integrated curriculum with majors in industrial technology, industrial distribution, and technology education. The college enrolls both part-time and full-time students. Student counseling services are available.