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Purdue University

Founded in 1869, Purdue University is a co-educational, public land-grant university system situated in West Lafayette, Indiana. It is one of the largest university systems in the United States with more than 68,000 students. Purdue is one of the nation's leading research institutions offering excellent and affordable education. The main academic campus of the university is located on the banks of the Wabash River, about an hour's drive northwest of Indianapolis. The Legislature established the institution and was named after the principal benefactor - John Purdue, a Lafayette business leader and philanthropist. Its classes were begun in the fall of 1874, with three buildings, six instructors and 39 students. It was started with the mission to provide agriculture and mechanic arts education in the state. The campus occupies more than 18,200 acres, about 6,150 of which is devoted to 150 principal buildings and other facilities. About 14,250 acres are devoted to the agricultural segment of the university. The oldest building, University Hall, was built in 1877. The College of Technology is the largest producer of engineering technology graduates among public universities in the United States. The main campus is noted for its engineering, agriculture, and business administration programs, and is ranked among the best institutions in the country. It also offers the schools of Consumer and Family Sciences, Education, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts, Management, Nursing, Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences, Science, and Technology. The Purdue University system includes five campuses and a number of teaching and research centers. Purdue is home to the state of Indiana's school of veterinary medicine and also serves as a center with research facilities, including Discovery Park. Other centers of activity include Purdue Research Park, the North Central campus, the Calumet campaus and the Fort Wayne campus. Residence facilities for undergraduate students, graduate students, and student families are available.