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History of San Bernardino, California

San Bernardino was built on the site of the “Inland Empire.” The Inland Empire is what the area was called by its first settlers. The site is rich in beauty and the land was prime for the agriculture they brought to it. Located at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains, the area was the perfect place to start a new settlement. Spanish Franciscan missionaries arrived in 1810 and quickly set up a small settlement to attract prospective settlers. The missionaries thought it fitting that the settlement be named after the mountains that had originally attracted them. In 1850, Latter-Day Saint settlers arrived, which sparked a population boom. With that increase, it was determined necessary that the roads and community plans be “set in stone.” That was accomplished early on, during the city's development, and has proven to be an excellent system. As the area grew, it became a transportation hub for travelers. As more travelers began to settle the West Coast, San Bernardino became home to many commercial businesses that thrived as the city grew. When the settlers made their way across the country, many of them found the area appealing, and cut their trip short to become residents of the growing city. Over the years, San Bernardino became home to a variety of industries, including furniture, foodstuffs, aerospace, electronics, plastics and medicine. The variety of businesses has kept the city a thriving part of the country and a center point for shipping goods countrywide. San Bernardino is home to the San Bernardino International Airport and Trade Center, providing transportation to the many attractions in the area. Norton Air Force Base, closed in 1994, is one of its major attractions, along with Heritage House, and the San Bernardino National Forest. The National Orange Show and the Route 66 Rendezvous are annual events. California State University - San Bernardino, so named in 1965, and area community colleges offer educational opportunities for students throughout the country.