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The National Orange Show (NOS) is an annual citrus fair held at San Bernardino, California. The show hosts various events, including concerts, trade shows and festivals. The National Orange Show strives each year to be an innovative, different, and memorable event. It is held at the NOS Events Center, which sprawls over 120 acres.

The premiere orange show in San Bernardino was staged in 1889, which lasted a week. The products exhibited in that show included raisins, walnuts, lemons, limes, grapes, apples, and Cucamonga wines and brandies. It became a national event in 1911. The National Orange Show plays an integral part in the history of San Bernardino.

The roots of the National Orange Show can be traced to 1873, when the Washington Navel Orange, a Latin American mutation of a variety from the Iberian Peninsula, was first brought to the southern California area. That orange tree caused a boom in the California citrus industry.

The world's first citrus fair was staged in Riverside in February 1879. It was at that fair that the superior qualities of the Washington Navel orange were first exhibited. Later a series of fairs were held in 1880s and 1890s. The citizens of Riverside, witnessing the success of the fair, decided to make it an annual event and erected a pavilion in 1882. The annual event at Riverside continued only until 1891.

The National Orange Show also has developed livestock and agricultural programs to cater to educational interests.

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