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Trinity Church and St. Paul`s Chapel

Trinity Church Parish was founded by charter of King William III of England in 1697. Over the years, there have been three Trinity Church buildings at Broadway and Wall Street in downtown New York City. The present Trinity Church, designed by Richard Upjohn and consecrated on Ascension Day in 1846, is considered a classic example of Gothic Revival architecture and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Though Skyscrapers have risen all around it, the Neo-Gothic spire, surmounted by a gilded cross, at one time dominated the skyline of lower Manhattan. The city`s first ministry to African-Americans, both enslaved and free, began at Trinity in 1705. The original burial ground at Trinity Church includes the graves and memorials of many historic figures, including Alexander Hamilton, William Bradford, Robert Fulton, and Albert Gallatin. The churchyard of St. Paul`s Chapel, at Broadway and Fulton, also has many historic tombstones. When the chapel was completed in 1766, it stood in a field some distance from the growing port city to the south. It is now engulfed by the Wall Street financial district of the city. St. Paul`s Chapel, located directly across from the World Trade Center site, is part of the Parish of Trinity Church. Today, the chapel is Manhattan`s oldest public building in continuous use, and its sole remaining colonial church.