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History of Anaconda, Montana

Anaconda, the county seat of Deer Lodge County, is a city in southwestern Montana, about 25 miles from Butte. The history of Anaconda is intimately linked with the Anaconda Company, which built its smelter here. In 1883, Marcus Daly obtained land and water rights on Warm Springs Creek for a new smelter for his Anaconda Company. The city of Anaconda, named for the company, sprang up around the smelter and was incorporated in 1887. The Daly Mansion in Hamilton displays the vast wealth and luxurious lifestyle of Marcus Daly. In 1891, Anaconda lost a political battle with Helena to determine which should be the state capital. In that year, the Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway was built to bring ore from Butte to Anaconda for smelting. The history of Anaconda and its area is preserved at the Copper Village Museum and Art Center in a historic building that was saved from demolition and restored. The city's health needs are served by the Anaconda Community Hospital.