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The Harris House was nominated to the National Register, then listed in National Register of Historic Places on June 3, 1998, under Criterion C as an excellent example of the Spanish Eclectic style of architecture. The architectural features of the single-story, stucco veneered residence include a tower, parapets, and battered columns on the exterior with decorative plasterwork in the interior.

The Harris House is located in Little Rock, Arkansas, on the first plot of ten acres purchased in the late 1800s by the Henry Griffin, the great-grandfather of the present owner, Patricia Huitt. His daughter, Florence Elizabeth Griffin Harris and her husband Porter Field Harris built the house in 1924. The couple decided to build a unique house in the Spanish Eclectic style.

The exterior details include a tower, parapets and battered columns. The extraordinary plaster work, including several elaborate plaster moldings and a ceiling banded with gold dust and plaster, is the work of Porter Field Harris, the husband of the original owner of the house.

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