Three Churches of New Haven Green

Trinity Church, United Church, and Center Church are the three historic churches that are erected on the east side of the New Haven Green. Laid out in 1638, New Haven Green is a 16-acre public park and recreation area in New Haven, Connecticut. All the three churches reflect the theocratic roots of the city.

Located at the corner of Temple and Chapel Streets, the Trinity Episcopal Church is a picturesque church designed by the architect Ithiel Town. Founded in 1752, the church is a stunning example of the Gothic style of architecture. It was consecrated in 1816.

A collection of three windows made of opalescent glass and a historic Aeolian-Skinner Church organ can be seen here. The windows, created by the Tiffany Company, depict various biblical stories, such as Christ on the road to Emmaus and St. Paul preaching on the Hill of Mars in Athens.

United Church, built in 1815, is a fine example of the Federal style of architecture. Situated at the corner of Temple and Elm, the church was once the city’s main meeting house, where issues such as abolishing slavery, civil rights, and environmental causes were discussed.

The church is remarkable for its elegant facade which supports a full entablature and pediment with a modillion cornice. Further, the fluted ionic columns found at the center of the facade are noted for its architectural grandeur. The belfry of the church is topped with a large weathervane.

Center Church, established in 1639, is a red brick structure with wooden trim. Also known as the Congregational United Church of Christ, the church is the oldest among the three churches and is built over the New Haven Crypt, which has the graves of Puritan settlers and Revolutionary War soldiers.

Prior permission is required to visit the crypt. The church is also noted for its tall, graceful spire which dominates the whole green. The exterior of the church is one of the most imposing Federal-style edifices in the country. Designed in Georgian style by Town, the current structure was built in 1812.

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