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The New Haven Symphony Orchestra (NHSO) is generally recognized as the fourth-oldest symphony orchestra formed in America. Established on January 1895, the symphonic ensemble performs regular concerts in New Haven, mainly at Yale University's historic Woolsey Hall.

NHSO marked its beginning in the late 19th century when Morris Steinert, a music merchant, and Horatio William Parker, then head of Yale's Department of Music, collected a symphonic group of local musicians. They had their first rehearsal in 1894 and gave the debut performance in 1895.

Today, the orchestra has fulfilled its mission to serve a wider audience throughout Connecticut.

NHSO, with a group of more than 70 professionals, is devoted to bring music to the widest possible population through their concerts and educational and family programs. They have been successful in giving their best performances in classical and pop repertoires. The NHSO also made the world-premiere recording of the complete fifth movement of Mahler's first symphony.

To promote excellence in performing arts, this symphonic orchestra performs in schools, public parks, and community centers. They also host Young People's Concerts and performances in outdoor parks and perform for numerous radio broadcasts.

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