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Mill Hill Historic Park and Museum

Mill Hill Historic Park and Museum is located on East Wall Street in Norwalk, Connecticut. It is an 18th-19th century complex managed by the Norwalk Historical Society. The complex includes three old buildings: Town House, the Little Red Schoolhouse, and the Governor Thomas Fitch Law Office, as well as one of the oldest cemeteries in Norwalk. Built in 1835, Town House is a brick building that serves as the main display area. Replicas of items traded by the colonist Roger Ludlow to the Indians, the original door from the Yankee Doodle House of Colonel Fitch, an early American fire truck, and a variety of antique spinning wheels are displayed here. The Little Red Schoolhouse is another historic building built in 1826. The blackboard in the schoolhouse was made of an early style of wood boards. The Governor Thomas Fitch Law Office was built in 1740. A name plate representing the building as law office is at the front door. The park and museum accept donations from visitors. Parking is available up the short driveway.