Zimmerman House

Zimmerman House is located in Manchester, New Hampshire, and is a small Usonian-style building owned by the Currier Museum of Art. The house is the only residence in New England designed by the acclaimed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and is one of the five Wright homes in the Northeast.

Built in 1950, this elegant building was the home of Isadore and Lucille Zimmerman, who lived here for 36 years.

The house is positioned on a 3/4-acre corner lot, with large, neoclassical homes in the neighborhood. The mailbox is a miniature model of this old brick house. Lighting fixtures, built-in and freestanding furniture, and landscaped gardens are the unique features of the home. The entire structure reflects the life and times of the 1950s.

The house, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is open to public except during winter months (early January through early April). Prior permission is required to visit the house. Restrooms are not available.

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