Taft and North American Affairs

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William Howard Taft confronted three issues that involved Canada and the United States. He was successful in solving two of the three.

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North American
... a four-seat, single-engine liaison aircraft used by the US Army and by the US and ROK Air Forces during the Korean War.† After the end of World War Two North American Aviation resumed manufacturing aircraft for the civil market, and the NA ...

North American Women's Letters and Diaries Note
... Women's Letters and Diaries will be the largest collection of women's diaries and correspondence ever assembled. Spanning more than 300 years, it will bring the personal experiences of 1,500 women to researchers, students, and general readers.

Hall of North and South Americans
† Unauthorized Site: This site and its contents are not affiliated, connected, associated with or authorized by the individual, family, friends, or trademarked entities utilizing any part or the subject's entire name. Any official or affiliated ...