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University of Maine

The University of Maine is located in the town of Orono, along the banks of the Stillwater River. Designated Maine's land-grant university and sea-grant college, it is the state's main research and graduate institution, offering educational, research, and public-service programs.

UMaine offers a wide range of degree programs from the baccalaureate level through the doctorate, supports research, provides advanced training, and educates the next generation of teachers and researchers.

The institution was founded in 1868 as the Maine College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts, under the provisions of the Morrill Act approved by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862. The school became co-educational in 1872. In 1897, the college was renamed the University of Maine.

A separate graduate school was founded in 1923. Other colleges launched included the School of Education in 1930 and the School of Business Administration in 1958.

The University of Maine offers 88 bachelor's, 64 master's, and 25 doctoral programs. It boasts a wide range of disciplines, including engineering, physical sciences, natural resources, teacher education, wood science, marine science, education, nutrition science, business, and human resources.

The university features one of the nation's oldest and most-prestigious Honors College programs. UMaine is home to the Maine Business School, the largest business school in the state.

The Fogler Library's collection is the largest in the state and is ranked among the top in the country.