Subarctic Culture Groups

The following is a representative sample of general locations and original names of tribes in the Subarctic regions of North America.

Athapascans of Alaska and neighboring Canada

  • Ahtena
  • Han
  • Ingalik
  • Koyukon
  • Kutchin
  • Nabesna
  • Tanaina
  • Tanana
Athapascans of interior Canada
  • Beaver
  • Carrier
  • Chipewyan
  • Dogrib
  • Hare
  • Kaska (Nahani)
  • Slave
  • Tahltan
  • Tuchone
  • Yellowknife
Algonquians south and east of Hudson Bay
  • Beothuks (extinct; unique language)
  • Cree
  • Montagnais
  • Naskapi

See Indian Wars Time Table .

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