Economic Issues under Hayes

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A major depression occurred in the United States following the Panic of 1873. As a means of relieving the misery of many people, proposals were put forth to expand the supply of money in circulation and to generate inflation.

Hayes was a social liberal in many respects, who fought to protect the recently won rights of the former slaves and worked to ease the plight of Chinese immigrants. However, on economic matters he was a conservative and offered a sympathetic ear to the nation's financial interests. His two major contributions were:

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... issues on their agenda, and that Democrats see minimum wage merely as a campaign issue. The nation's minimum wage is currently $5.15. It has not been raised since 1996. Work and Politics All Things Considered, September 6, 1999 A survey done ... ...

National Policy Analysis #310: Economic Opportunity and Social Issues Trump Environment as Top Concerns for Poor and Minorities - September 2000
This concern for balancing economic issues with environmental concerns was reflected throughout the survey. For example, 57% of surveyed groups said that environmental goals must be balanced by concern for economic opportunities for the poor ...

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... Preservation of Stones Economic Factors in Granite Quarrying - 1908 Economic Classification of New England Granites - 1923 Economic Classification of the Chief Commercial Granites of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island - 1908 ...