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Gale - Free Resources - Black History - Biographies - Charles R. Drew
Charles R. Drew (1904-1950) Surgeon and blood researcher Charles R. Drew was a renowned surgeon, teacher, and researcher. He was responsible for founding two of the world's largest blood banks. Because of his research into the storage and ...

JHU | History of Medicine | History of Science and Technology
In 1962 the History of Science program began at the School of Arts and Sciences. The Department has since expanded to include the history of technology as well as the main branches of science. It concentrates on science and technology since the ...

Address of Charles R. Codman and Resolutions - Mass Meetings of Protest
Remarks of the Hon. Charles R. Codman, and Resolutions Mr. Chairman and Ladies and Gentleman: It is too late for me to make a speech, and I can add nothing to what has been so well said. But I have in my hand some resolutions which I should like ...