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Utah Valley State College, located in Orem, Utah, is a fully accredited, four-year state college. Apart from offering numerous comprehensive degree programs, it guides entrepreneurs and business owners during the early phases of business development by providing detailed business plans and strategies.

Utah Valley State College’s beginning can be traced to World War II, which brought jobs and opportunity through federal work programs. These new jobs led to the need for better training among the talent pool.

Vocational classes were held at various shops and business throughout Utah and Heber Valley. In 1941, these training courses were moved to a central location in south Provo, leading to the establishment of the Central Utah Vocational School.

In 1947, the school was converted to a permanent state institution. In 1952, the state approved the establishment of a college on the school campus. This college, built in three phases, was completed in 1963. The name was changed to Utah Trade Technical Institute.

In 1967, the college was renamed Utah Technical College at Provo. With the increasing notoriety of the college, a new name of Utah Valley Community College was adopted in 1987, to reflect its broader scope.

Today, Utah Valley State College enrolls more than 23,600 students. The faculty comprises about 380 highly qualified members. The college offers 41 bachelor's degrees and a range of associate degrees.

The college encompasses the schools of business, computer science and engineering; continuing education, education, general academics, humanities, arts, and social sciences; science and health, and technology, trades, and industry.

The college library features a wide array of books, journals, and periodicals, housed in a four-story building. The whole library collection is available online for easier access.

One of the more interesting buildings on campus is the Pope Science building. The building houses many science models and displays, designed to aid in the students in their studies and projects.

Another interesting venue is the Hall of Flags. It features the flags of numerous U.S. states, as well as other nations, representing the diverse locations from which students have arrived.

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