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Saint Joseph's University is a private, co-educational Roman Catholic university based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its academics are a balanced mix of the contemporary and the classical, while drawing inspiration from the 450-year-old Jesuit tradition of scholarship and service. SJU is currently one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities in the country.

Saint Joseph's was founded in 1851, as Saint Joseph's College by the Society of Jesus. As the college soon outgrew its site at Old Saint Joseph’s Church, on the commercialized location on Willing’s Alley, near Fourth and Walnut streets, it shifted to a new base on Juniper and Filbert streets.

In 1889, it opened its third site in North Philadelphia. In 1927, in tune with the population shift toward the western suburbs, the college moved once again, and thus came into being the campus on City Avenue.

During its evolution along with the city and suburbs, Saint Joseph's College found itself becoming more and more ensnarled in the mainstream American higher education. Subsequently, it abandoned the Jesuit tradition of a seven-year course of study, which combined both secondary and higher education, and opted for the present format.

The 1960s saw many of the Catholic colleges and universities separating themselves from its Christian management. In concert with the trend, Saint Joseph's College also legally separated its ownership from the Society in 1970, transferring the ownership rights to a private corporation, governed by a board of trustees.

The same year, the first women students were admitted to the college. Eventually, Saint Joseph's College was elevated to the status of a university, in 1978.

SJU offers 40 undergraduate majors, 10 additional special-study options, 23 study abroad programs, 53 graduate study areas, and an Ed.D in Educational Leadership. Its rolls currently have 3,500 full-time undergraduates and 3,000 graduate, executive, and non-traditional students.

Saint Joseph's has two state-of-the-art libraries serving as information centers for its various academic programs. The Francis A. Drexel Library supports the academic programs of Saint Joseph's University and functions as a selective depository for U.S. government documents. The Campbell Library exclusively caters to Food Marketing students and faculty.

SJU also provides for an active student life outside academics, which it thinks is crucial for the students to grow in the body, mind ,and spirit, all the initiatives being done within the context of the Jesuit value of cura personalis.

In this light, facilities available in the campus include a sports complex, student health center, counseling center, student education support services, and career and personal development center.

SJU is one of the 142 schools nationwide with a Phi Beta Kappa chapter and AACSB business school accreditation.

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