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Loyola University Chicago

Situated in Chicago, Illinois, Loyola University in Chicago is a Jesuit university in the United States. It is part of a proud educational heritage that dates back to 1548. The university is one of the largest of the 28 Jesuit universities and colleges in the United States, with three campuses in the greater Chicago, Illinois area, plus the Rome Center in Italy, and nine schools and colleges. Established as St. Ignatius College in 1870 by Jesuit priests, the campus was originally on Chicago's south side, which is the current site of St. Ignatius high school. In 1908, the school was relocated to the Rogers Park neighborhood on Chicago's north side. During the same year, a group of prominent Chicago lawyers established the Lincoln College of Law. Later on November 21, 1909, St. Ignatius College was reorganized into Loyola University and the Lincoln College of Law became the Loyola University Law Department. After its establishment in 1870, the institution was expanded to include Stritch School of Medicine and Loyola University Chicago School of Law. The university’s medical school, and hospital are located on a campus in Maywood, a western suburb of Chicago. The most recent expansion of the university was the 1991 acquisition of Mundelein College from the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Loyola conducts 154 programs of study: 56 undergraduate, 59 graduate, 36 doctoral and three professional programs, leading to 27 different academic degrees. Research is led by faculty scholars who encourage students to participate and learn, while expanding horizons of knowledge and being of service to others. They help the students prepare for meaningful careers with top academic programs in business, science and numerous other disciplines, along with opportunities for internships throughout the City of Chicago and beyond. http://www.luc.edu