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McNeese State University

McNeese State University, located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, was founded in 1939 as a division of Louisiana State University. The university is assisted financially by the McNeese State University Foundation, a non-profit organization of business and professional leaders joined to establish scholarships for McNeese students. The university changed its name from Lake Charles Junior College to John McNeese Junior College in 1940. Following the upgradation of the university status as a four-year in 1950, the university was renamed as McNeese State College. Later, in 1970 the Louisiana Legislature gave the institution its present name, McNeese State University. The principal educational mission of McNeese State University is to provide a wide range of graduate courses, distinguished by academic excellence. The university also gives much emphasis for the selection of the graduate curricula. It provides total faculty commitment and allegiance to promote excellent teaching and research. The university is oriented both to the liberal arts and to professional programs. It offers degree programs in humanities, fine arts, social science, natural sciences, and mathematics. In addition to the Graduate School, McNeese University's academic organization includes the colleges of Business, Education, Engineering and Technology, Liberal Arts, Nursing, Science, Division of Continuing Education, and the Division of Basic Studies. Frazar Memorial Library, the university’s campus library, has a wide range of materials for research and advanced learning purposes. The library collections and services are designed to complement the educational and research programs of the university. The library staff assists the students in the collection of material for research needs. Students, faculty, and staff of McNeese, as well as their families, have the privilege to use the university library. The university is committed to stimulate the intellectual growth of its students through a comprehensive range of activities. It also helps the students in understanding the multicultural world community and to create a suitable environment for their all round development.