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Arizona State University

The main campus of Arizona State University is located in Tempe, Arizona, with two other campuses in northwest Phoenix and one in Mesa. The university made its beginning as a teachers college in 1885. It was formed by an act of the 13th Territorial Legislature. The college was primarily established to train public school teachers and provide basic training in the science of agriculture and mechanics. It was renamed Normal School of Arizona in 1901, and later, Tempe State Teachers College, then Arizona State Teachers College, and Arizona State College, in 1945. I n 1958, the college was promoted as a university and named Arizona State University. The newly formed university established itself as a center for basic and applied research. Newer academic programs, library holdings, and doctoral degrees were added during the early 1960s. The university was granted Research Extensive status in 1994, by the Carnegie Foundation. Arizona State University is currently an internationally recognized center for interdisciplinary teaching and research. Its research programs spans a variety of disciplines such as humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, visual and performing arts, and technology. Additionally, there are specialized professional programs in architecture and environmental design, business, and law. The faculty comprises some recipients of important academic and professional awards. It also includes members of national academies. Each year more than 57,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students enroll in the three campuses. In addition to students from different parts of the nation, students also arrive from other countries. The university owns a collection of study and research materials and facilities which include laboratories, libraries, museums, studios, and auditoriums. Apart from being a research and educational institution, Arizona State University participates in well-being of the local community, and the state. It has established partnerships with the private sector, which in turn helps in subsequent economic progress.