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Holy Cross College

The College of the Holy Cross, or Holy Cross College, is located in Worcester, Massachusetts, and, being established in 1843, is the oldest Catholic college in New England. The college was founded by Benedict Joseph Fenwick, SJ, the second Bishop of Boston, who gave it the name of his cathedral, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, along with the seal and motto of the Diocese of Boston. Holy Cross is renowned for its academic excellence and mentoring-based, liberal arts education in the Jesuit tradition. It serves the Catholic community, American society, and the wider world. As a liberal arts college, its mission is to provide excellent teaching, perfect atmosphere for learning, and outstanding facilities for researching. Holy Cross is highly honored for the accomplishment of its mission. The college campus has an area of 174 beautifully adorned acres, featuring antique and modern architecture, fantabulous facilities and technology, and striking views from atop Mount St. James. It is a large educational complex, complete with chapel, libraries, a modern science center, class rooms, residence halls, football stadium, hockey rink, and a campus activity center. In addition, the college has some of the most sophisticated and well-maintained directives in higher education. It is consistently ranked among the top liberal arts colleges in the country. Academic life at Holy Cross is serious, challenging, yet exciting. Students participate in discovering new things in literature, science, the arts, mathematics, and religion. Research is conducted by professors in laboratories and in libraries, followed by the exchange of ideas in classrooms. This confirms that the classroom is vital and that scholarly research is meaningful. The college has a reputation of considering libraries as central to the educational mission of the institution. Libraries allow students to engage actively in the process of reading. The Holy Cross College system consists of five libraries, among them the O’Callahan Science Library (main library); the Fenwick Music Library; the Worcester Art Museum Library; and the Rehm Library of the Center for Religion, Ethics, and Culture. Courses offered by Holy Cross College include arts and literature, philosophical and religious studies, historical and cross-cultural studies, language, social sciences, and natural and mathematical sciences. It also conducts majors, double majors, electives, minors, and advance placement in various disciplines. The college is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and its theater department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theater.