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Kansas University

Kansas University is located in Lawrence, Kansas, and was founded in 1864, as the official university for the state of Kansas. The university offers educational research and service programs throughout the state, including the main campus in Lawrence, the KU health-related degree programs and services in Kansas City and Wichita, as well as the Regents Center at the Edwards campus and other sites in the Kansas City metropolitan area, Topeka, and Parsons. In addition, the university also offers 100 programs of international study and cooperative research for its students and faculty throughout the world. The purpose of these programs is to prepare its students to meet the challenges confidently, in an increasingly complex and diverse global community. Kansas University has 29,000 students and 2,100 faculty members. The students are enrolled on its campuses from all 50 states and about 100 nations. Two of every three students are from the state of Kansas. The university is enriched with the memory of its past, as well as its great personalities. It has a history associated with the Civil War, as well as the infamous Bleeding Kansas episode, one of the darkest eras in the state's history.