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Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia State University is the southeastís leading urban research institution.

It was founded in 1913, with a mission to teach, research, and serve. The university is providing high quality educational facilities for its students to create a meaningful learning experience.

Georgia State University has an enrollment of more than 27,000 undergraduate and graduate students in six colleges. This major research university is the second largest university in the state.

It is a cosmopolitan university with students coming from every county in Georgia, every state in the United States, and from more than 145 countries.

The university is on the list of the top 100 public universities for doctoral degrees awarded. It offers courses in more than 250 fields through 52 accredited degree programs at the bachelors, masters, specialist, and doctoral levels.

The courses are conducted as day or evening classes and students are allowed to enroll in part-time or full-time study. The university also extends outstanding faculty and administrative personnel to support students in the development of their career.

Georgia State University directs its activities through a strategic plan published every five years. This plan sets forth the vision and priorities of the university in achieving its goal.

It helps in defining the character, strength, complexity, interdependencies, and distinctiveness of the university. The plan is accumulated from opinions and ideas among the broad campus community.

The study centers of the university are the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education, College of Health and Human Sciences, College of Law, and the J. Mack Robinson College of Business.

The university focuses mainly in creating a vibrant world community. The university has a strong basketball team along with other sports activities. It has the reputation of having top performers in sports and games.

The university campus is situated very near to some of Atlantaís scintillating attractions such as Philips Arena, Turner Field, and the Georgia Dome.

The persona of the university is promoted by the Department of University Relations by providing information on the campus to the local community and other interested parties, on the day-to-day happenings inside the university. ---- Selected Quotes ----

Quotes regarding Georgia State University.

By Jimmy Carter
At the end of a long campaign, I believe I know the people of our state as well as anyone. Based on this knowledge of Georgians North and South, Rural and Urban, liberal and conservative, I say to you quite frankly that the time for racial discrimination is over.
Speech at inauguration as governor of Georgia, 1971
By William T. Sherman
If the people [of Georgia] raise a howl against my barbarity and cruelty, I will answer that war is war, and not popularity-seeking.
During his march to the sea.

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