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Woodbury University is a non-profit, co-educational and non-sectarian university situated adjacent to the city of Los Angeles, in Burbank, California.

This 22-acre residential campus is situated in the heart of the entertainment industry and near studios such as Disney, Universal, NBC, Warner Brothers, and DreamWorks SKG.

Woodbury University was founded in 1884, in central Los Angeles as Woodbury Business College by F.C. Woodbury, an educator and entrepreneur.

For the first 103 years, it remained in Los Angeles, and then in 1937, a new facility at 1027 Wilshire Boulevard was added to the campus, which had served as the classroom and administrative building for 50 years.

A division of professional arts, closely allied to business, was started in 1931, with the aim to focus on the fields of design.

After this, the college became the college of business administration and design.

By 1969, graduate programs and the MBA program had been introduced in the college.

The college gained the status of university in 1974, and changed its name to Woodbury University. In the following years various other courses were added including Computer Information Systems (1982) and Architecture (1984).

In 1987, the university moved to the new location at Burbank, on a 22.4-acre campus.

In the same year, the university also started a Weekend College program for the working adults. It was started with the help of grants from the Fletcher Jones Foundation and the William Randolph Hearst Foundation.

The undergraduate and graduate programs at the university were organized into three different schools, namely, the School of Architecture and Design, the School of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Business and Management. The San Diego Campus offers a five-year professional degree in architecture.

The university offers financial aid to qualified students. It also offers residential facilities, a career development center, and counseling center.

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