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St. Louis University

Established in 1818, Saint Louis University is the oldest university west of the Mississippi and the second oldest Jesuit school in the United States. Located at the hub of St. Louis, Missouri, the coeducational institution is ranked among the top research institutions in the nation. The history of Saint Louis University dates to 1818, when it began as a private college to educate students in and around St. Louis. The Reverend Louis William Du Bourg, a Catholic bishop of Louisiana, was behind the institution's establishment. Over the years, the university added more courses and affiliated with several colleges. Today, St. Louis University, strongly rooted in Roman Catholic and Jesuit tradition, offers undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees in a wide variety of disciplines. All degrees are provided through 13 colleges and schools. The students also are given opportunities for research and to study on foreign campuses. The university’s library was founded in 1853 and houses an impressive collection, including titles in the ancient classics, English and French literature, travel accounts, ancient and modern history, theology, philosophy and science. In addition, it holds numerous ancient and more recent archaeological finds. Today, the library boasts numerous branches; the main branch's holdings consist of one million books, 6,000 journal subscriptions and 140 electronic databases. The university’s health center has four schools, three centers, one hospital, and a practicing physicians group. The health center provides modern research, quality education and hands-on training to prepare students for a life of service to others.