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Confederate Powderworks Monument

Confederate Powderworks Monument, situated in Augusta, Georgia, is a towering chimney that stands as a monument to the infamous American Civil War. It is the last vestiges of a vast gun powder factory that once stood at the site; the factory is in fact the only major structure ever built by the Confederate States of America. The Confederate Powderworks was chosen to be erected in Augusta owing to the superior rail, river and sea connectivity to the place. Construction began in September 1861 and was producing powder in only seven months. It was then conceived with the main aim of producing first-quality gun powder for the Confederate troops engaged in the “War Between the States” and became the second largest gunpowder factory in the world at the time. Estimates show that over 2.75 million pounds of gunpowder were produced at the Georgia site during the four-year period. After the war, when it was decided to dismantle the entire factory, its smokestack was allowed to remain as a monument, marking the efforts of those who had built and worked within the site and to commemorate the war itself. Today, it is one of the recognizable structures in the Augusta skyline.