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Pullen Museum

Pullen Museum, located at Catonsville, Maryland, is a treasure trove of 18th- and early 19th- century artifacts. The collection belonged to the late Mrs. Robert Townsend, a reputed antique dealer. During her lifetime, she accumulated an impressive collection of artifacts, many of which were discovered in Catonsville. Her decorator workshop, located next to her home, was enlarged to house the museum. Her home, now called the Townsend House, also serves as a visitor attraction. The museum and the house are currently maintained by the Catonsville Historical Society, Inc., which is headquartered in the museum. The Pullen Museum is named after Dr. Thomas G. Pullen Jr., founder of the Society, which was formed in 1973 following the death of Mrs. Townsend. She had donated her home and antique collection to the society. The exhibits include ancient Indian arrowheads discovered in Catonsville, miniature paintings, and historical prints. Most of the artifacts represent Catonsville history. Through the Pullen Museum, one can enter the lower level of the Townsend House, which contains a working train-garden layout. The museum also houses the society’s Genealogical Section, established to promote family genealogical research through lectures, discussions, and workshops. Apart from the regular exhibitions, the Pullen Museum hosts special programs and musical sessions.