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National Mall

The National Mall, acknowledged as the monumental core of Washington, D.C., is an open-area, public park. The historic, green expanse is the area between the Potomac River and Capital Reflecting Pool. It has Constitution Avenue to the north, Independence Avenue to the south, 3rd Street to the east, and 14th Street to the West. Though officially established in 1965, the mall’s origin is as old as that of the capital city. It was designed by Pierre Charles L’Enfant who was commissioned by George Washington, and redesigned by the National Park Service. Exquisitely lined by nearly 2,000 American elms, the 146-acre mall is home to many impressive edifices such as the U.S. Capitol Building and Smithsonian Institution with its nine different buildings. Most of the buildings seen here are laid in marble and are noted for their architectural grandeur, each evoking a sense of pride and patriotism. Also, found here are numerous memorials and monuments in honor of the country’s great heroes. Among them are the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, National World War II Museum, and the Washington Monument. Other prime attractions are Ford’s Theatre, Potomac Park, Hains Point, and Pennsylvania Avenue NHS. Further, the mall’s art museums and galleries, such as, the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Freer Gallery, National Museum of African Art, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, stand as testimony of the nation’s rich art, history, and culture. There are also beautiful pools, circles, fountains, lovely pathways, and other open spaces. The Tidal Basin, an attractive lake famous for its spring show of blossoming Japanese cherry trees, adds to the charm of the mall. The Library of Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, the Old Post Office, White House, United States Botanic Garden, and National Postal Museum are within the walking distance of the mall. The National Mall is also a venue for some popular events such as the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, the Fourth of July fireworks, and the Kite Festival.