Alexander Ramsey House

Built in 1872, the Alexander Ramsey House is one of the historic sites under the auspices of the Minnesota Historical Society.

Located in St. Paul, it was the home of Minnesota's first territorial governor Alexander Ramsey and his wife, Anne.

The first Alexander Ramsey House was constructed in 1850. In 1868, it was moved across the street and attached to Horace and Cornelia Bigelow's home. The structure of the current Ramsey House was started in the same year.

By 1964, the last family member of Ramsey, Anna Furness, bequeathed the house to the Minnesota Historical Society.

At present, this renovated Victorian-era building features 15 period rooms with carved walnut woodwork, marble fireplaces, crystal chandeliers and original furnishings.

Victorian-era souvenirs are available in the Carriage House gift shop.

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