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Minnesota History Center

Opening in October 1992, the Minnesota History Center is situated in St. Paul, Minnesota, and was started by the Minnesota Historical Society, which is a private, non-profit educational and cultural institution established in 1849. It offers interactive games, multimedia theaters, demonstrations, and live interpreters for unique learning. The center building is of the finest architecture in Minnesota since the formation of the State Capital, in 1905. It is built with Minnesota granite and limestone with marble accents. The landmark houses a museum, library, classrooms and conference rooms. In addition, it also has a 314-seat 3M Auditorium, two museum stores, and a renowned Cafe Minnesota. The Minnesota History Center serves as home for the historical collections of the historical society, and reflects the rich past of Minnesota. The center museum exhibits items that feature large-scale objects, hands-on experiences, and multimedia presentations. The society's museum store holds a number of books and gifts relating to Minnesota's history and culture. It also holds a full series of Minnesota Historical Society Press and Borealis Books. The other facilities and services include extensive libraries and collections, 25 historic sites, and educational programs. The Minnesota History Center also offers space for various events with customized service.