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Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum

Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum, established on June 9, 1998, is located in Catonsville, Maryland. The museum is managed by the Friends of Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum, Inc., a non-profit community organization founded in March 1985, to ensure the development of the historical park and museum. The park and museum provide well-researched educational, historical, and cultural programs and exhibits regarding the life of Benjamin Banneker. The 138-acre facility boasts extensive nature trails. The primary focus of the park is the museum containing the contributions of Benjamin Banneker, the first African-American man of science.  The museum has several gallery spaces, including exhibitions on the life and times of Benjamin Banneker, and a community gallery with changing exhibits. The 1850 Hines/Trueth stone farm house in the museum has been recently restored. A replica of the 18th century Banneker farmstead, including a colonial cabin and Banneker's apiary, also has been developed. A gift shop and a patio garden are on the premises. Meetings and parties can be organized at its multi-purpose room, Almanac Hall. The park grounds are available for special events.