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Mission Inn

Mission Inn is a National Historic Landmark hotel in downtown Riverside, California. Occupying an entire city block, this charming, historic inn offers a luxurious stay in its 239 rooms, including 28 suites. Mission Inn began its history in 1876 as the Glenwood - a two-story 12-room adobe boarding house built by Christopher Columbus Miller. It was later purchased by Miller’s eldest son Frank, who expanded it to a four story U-shaped hotel in 1902. Within a span of 30 years, he added three new wings: Cloister Wing (1910), Spanish Wing (1913-1914), and the International Rotunda Wing (1931). Followed by Frank Miller’s death in 1935, the Mission Inn began to be torn down and was sold out in 1956. Later, the inn came through a series of ownerships, until it was purchased by the Riverside Redevelopment Agency in 1976. On December 30, 1992, the Mission Inn was re-opened to the public. Cloister Wing includes the large music room, an art and gift shop and the St. Cecilia Chapel. Designed by Myron Hunt, the Spanish Wing houses the large Spanish Art Gallery. Frank Miller’s collection of art and artifacts are displayed there. The Spanish Patio, evocative of Spanish castle courtyards, is a great area for outdoor dining. The International Rotunda Wing has an open-air, five-story spiral staircase, an art gallery (Galleria), St. Francis Chapel, and the Court of the Orient. The famous Fliers’ Wall, a monument to pioneers in aviation, is also exhibited.