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Bowie Railroad Station and Huntington Museum

The Bowie Railroad Station and Huntington Museum is located on Chestnut Avenue in Old Town Bowie, Maryland. A division of the City of Bowie Museums, it captures a moment in Bowie's turn of the 20th-century history. The existing museum buildings were relocated from its original site across the railroad tracks and restored in the 1990s. The Maryland Historical Society and the City of Bowie maintain these structures. The first station was built in 1872 by the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Company at the junction of rail lines into Washington, D.C. and Southern Maryland. The rail lines were later owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company system. The bustling town of Bowie, originally Huntington City, emerged around this train station. The museum now houses three railroad structures - the switch tower, freight depot, and waiting shed. The recent addition to the site was a caboose from Allen Pond Park in Bowie, in March 2000. The freight depot and the first floor of the switch tower have a collection of railroad artifacts and historical photographs. From the second floor of the tower, visitors can watch the parade of operating Amtrak and MARC trains.