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Sunset Hotel

The Sunset Hotel, built in 1901 in Ballard, Washington, has worn many hats over the last century. In its earliest days, it served as the Ballard Post Office and residential hotel. In the 1940s, a local public market occupied the ground story. For some time, the first floor was home to Jones Brothers Company, Meats, while the upper levels provided affordable housing until the fire of April 5, 2000. The fate of the Sunset Hotel, a significant member within the Ballard Avenue Landmark District, was tragically injured by two Natural disasters. On April 5, 2000, a fire ravaged the building's interior and on February 28, 2001, an earthquake shook the weakened building and worsened the building’s underpinnings. Negotiations continue as to whether or not any significant portion of the building can be reclaimed.