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Centennial Heritage Museum

The Centennial Heritage Museum, formerly the Discovery Museum of Orange County, is located at 3101 W. Harvard Street, in Santa Ana, California. The museum presents the cultural and natural history of Orange County and helps to create an interactive learning environment for students and visitors of all ages. The Centennial Heritage Museum conducts tours for school children, which provide hands-on knowledge about the way people lived more than 100 years ago. The museum offers lessons to school children about the surrounding natural habitat of its 11 acres and about creating art from recycled materials in its Eco-Art Center. The museum’s two restored turn-of-the-century buildings - Kellogg House and Maag House - provide an insight to the county's cultural heritage and are the medium through which history comes to life for thousands of school-aged children each year. The historic Kellogg House itself, built in 1898, is a major attraction of the museum. Designed by Hiram Clay Kellogg, three generations of Kelloggs lived in the house, before the family donated it to the museum. The Kellogg House was moved to the museum grounds in 1981 and is now used for hands-on education about the Victorian era, for about 12,000 children every year. The Maag House was built by John Anton Maag in 1899. The house features seven bedrooms, two parlors, a kitchen, a pantry, and a bathroom. In 1981, the house and two associated buildings were moved to the museum from the Fairhaven cemetery area. Several acres of the museum’s property have been preserved as a nature park which provides support to native scrub and wetlands vegetation and wildlife. The museum’s outdoor facilities can be rented for weddings, reunions, ceremonies, memorial services, and other special events. Student film-makers from local colleges and universities also make use of the museum grounds and buildings, as settings for their projects.