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Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art Museum is a world-renowned institution where one can find masterpieces of great artists from all over the world.

Visitors are welcomed into the museum by an imposing 40-foot tall, 2,600-pound statue of a hammering man. Showcased in its galleries and exhibit rooms are more than 22,000 objects of various regional art collections.

The museum's collections encompass the art of Africa, the U.S., the ancient Mediterranean and Islam, Asia, and Europe. In addition, Native and Meso-American, Oceanic and aboriginal, Modern and Contemporary art are well represented. The depth and scope of each category is unmatched in the region.

Educational tours, lectures, art demonstrations, live performances, and family events are the order of each working day in the museum. Also featured are a café and two museum stores, which cater to the visitors looking for collectables, books and unique merchandise.