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Torrance Historical Museum

Torrance Historical Museum is located on Post Avenue in downtown Torrance, California. It shares the stories of the city's rich past. Torrance Historical Museum is housed in an old building once occupied by the Post Avenue Library. The library was closed, and in 1971, the building was turned over to the Torrance Historical Society to preserve the city’s rich history. The society and the city officially opened the museum on May 21, 1981. Initially, the museum displayed the remarkable collections of Bob Wade, a retiree of the Museum of Natural History. Today, it reflects the nostalgic scenes of Torrance through its exceptional collection of photos, dresses, documents, books, artifacts and other materials. A visit to the museum will give visitors a clear-cut idea about how the city got to where it is today. Torrance Historical Museum is open free to the public. Private tours are arranged. In addition, the museum is wheelchair accessible.